What made you come alive in 2014? Or did you barely survive?
Where has time gone! Well, nowhere. Time is but a term of measurement of movement. 24 hours is the measure of one rotation of the earth around its axis. A year is the measure of one rotation of the earth around the sun. In a way, time does not exist, movement does, and time is the way in which we describe this universal movement.

This brings me to the actual point. There is a kind of movement that is unique to humanity, as personal as you are, and even more significant than the movements of the planets. This is a type of movement so pervasive that it is often elusive, so present that we often fail to recognize it. It is the movements of desire and it defines the boundaries of your existence to a greater degree than time itself.

Need differs from desire. Thirst is a need that can be satisfied by a great variety of fluids. However, if I desire coffee, nothing but coffee will satisfy the desire. We satisfy our needs to survive, but we pursue our desires because of the possibilities of life beyond survival!

“The beauty that awakens our hearts, that makes us alive, finds resonance within us, but simultaneously draws us beyond ourselves. The space between what we are and what we could be is no longer the accusing, death-breath of obligation. No. We are satisfied with the being we have, yet the unrealized possibility of being beckons us to transcend ourselves.

There is a space, a distance, between what we are and the infinite possibility of being. Without this space we would only be stagnant, boring … a past that remains in the present. But there is a life-giving space, a joyful distance in which desire dwells, allowing what is, to touch what could be, whooing the present to shed its past and discover a future unbound. Desire dwells in this space between, the movement of ever-drawing-closer.” (Desire Found Me, Andre Rabe, to be published January 2015)

Well, we want to share with you what we desire for 2015. In short, our desire can be stated very simply: to inspire love.
About four years ago Mary-Anne and I began traveling and ministering at an adventurous pace! Nothing can compare to the face-to-face conversations we’ve had with many of you. But something else became obvious to us as well. So many have shared with us their stories of deep transformation, brought about, not by our personal presence, but by the resources (books, audios, videos, music) that travel and speak in places where we cannot possible be. I’m so thankful that we were able to make these available, yet a frustration kept growing. The resources are not complete, comprehensive, or all that they could or should be. We will therefore dedicate more of our time in 2015 to the development of these much needed resources. For us this is a significant decision, as we will probably need to find a home and because most of our support comes while traveling and ministering. However, following inspired desires has a way of attracting inspired provisions! The Creator seems to be fond of sponsoring creativity! Already, Mary-Anne published her first children’s book, ‘Your Amazing’. Towards the end of January the new book ’Desire Found Me’ will be published as well (thanks to all the reviewers currently busy with it). Based on the book, a new in-depth 1 year course will be developed, consisting of weekly video teachings, online discussions, books and input from multiple authors, all presented within focussed modules. The purity, quality and consistency of the content is our passion – this will be a course like no other.

Remember, God does not need you… God desires you. Discover yourself in the beauty that awakens the desire of God. The movements of time is but a space in which the movements of desire draws us toward new possibilities. What does God imagine to do… to be… through you!?

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  1. Daniel Mosier on

    Andre I thank for His desire in your heart to bring the goodnews for God’s love and grace. Threw words that you write have encourage God’s desire in my heart to do the same.
    Love in Christ Daniel

  2. Donna Nitchun on

    I consciously have been walking w Jesus for 50 yrs (I’m 75) but listening to you, Baxter Kruger, and Francois du toit the past few months have given me rapid growth in the grace and knowledge of Jesus. Thank you. Please put me on any mailing list and let me know when the new course is ready. God’s continued blessing on you and all yours

  3. Cecilia Hazelhurst on

    Kingdom reality….Living in the “NOW” of our Salvation….We are the New Jeerusalem…..In this world we will have troubles….but this is what overcomes the world…our faith….Living as NEW CREATION BEINGS….bringing life into all life situations….This world is still controlled by the evil one…but God promises a NEW JERUSALEM where 0is Kingdom reigns …Joy, peace and Love….He is already reigning in us as NEW CREATIONS….

  4. gloria henderson on

    My husband, John, and I have been so blessed through your ministry! Our lives have been transformed by the teaching of grace through your ministry, the ministry of Francois du Toit, and others. Thank you! Praise the Lord for His goodness!

  5. Lynn pereira on

    I am a pastor who hears the Holy Spirit through Baxter krugars, Francious Dutoit, Berti Britt, John Crowder, your and a few others that I do not recollect their names. I am going through time of questioning all that I thought was true. It is a bit scary. I feel very inadequate, especially when I hear you all teach. I have a small congregation in Northern California I am responsible to. New folks are coming in as a response to “the gospel” once delivered to the saints. I am looking forward to connecting with. Handful of others in NorCal area who are listening. So far it seems a lonely trail. So like allways I continue to seek Jesus and trust I am following Him. “You shall know them by their fruit”. There has been so much focus on (myself included), prophecy, Grace mixed with law, healing it seems we strayed into our understanding. I am not fully able to succinctly express what I see, so I hope this gives you and idea. I some a little about your teaching on sacrifice and reconciling the O.T. God to the N.C. God. The youngsters today really are acutely aware of this seemingly schizophrenic God. My son (born-again, lover of Jesus) says I need to be careful and not try to rewrite the bible! Crazy times. So..I continue to follow the teacher (Holy Spirit) who expresses Himself…herself through you and others I mentioned. Blessings! Pastor Lynn

  6. Martha MacLean on

    Your desire to inspire love, it’s working. Thank you for your thoughts even in this article. The desire to do this course is growing in me. Please send me updates. Love you Andre and Mary-Anne

  7. Gloria Hamby on

    I will be looking for information concerning this course. What you are saying really rings true in my spirit. I want my family to experience this together. (((Hug)))

  8. D'Arcy Young on

    Your words encourage and inspire hope in me. I can never repay you and your wife for all that you have done for me.
    Thank you so much.


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