We have enormous opportunities to communicate this gospel, exceeded only by our desire to do so. Thank you for your help in sharing this gospel.

Always Loved is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

What is done with your support?

This is an extremely efficient ministry. There are no office rentals, no large administrative overheads or staff salaries. Your support therefore directly enable us to:

  • Travel to our next ministry opportunity

We place no price on our ministry. Wherever we sense we should go, we go without asking for any financial guarantees. International tickets are expensive and many of the groups we visit cannot afford to pay the costs up-front. This has never stopped us – when we hear our Abba calling, we find it simply irresistible. Face to face conversations remain the most effective way of raising up others to reflect this same beautiful message.

  • Create resources such as Icons of Beauty.

Videos and audios continue to speak in places and at times where we cannot be personally present. To produce creative and excellent films such as these costs much, but the impact is enormous.

The video can be seen here: https://youtu.be/FpplHKawy8o

It is our desire to continue to give our time and our exclusive focus to this ministry.

  • The Effect.

Violence itself is the enemy and every act of love is a victory. To inspire love,in its many creative forms, is our mission. Restored relationships, reunited families, and a newfound appreciation for the value of all creation are the most common testimonies we found.

Thank you!

A final word to the many who have recognized the value of what we communicate and have displayed your faith in us so tangibly by giving – firstly yourselves, and secondly of your substance: thank you, thank you thank you!

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