We can conceive of God as one who is present everywhere (omnipresent), including all of time – past, present and future. That obviously depends on our understanding of time. We can also conceive of God as being omniscient in this sense – knowing all things past, present and future.

For such a god nothing is ever a surprise, nothing ever happens, nothing is new. For this god everything is certain and nothing is possible. Such a god has no new experiences, no new ideas. And thankfully, such a god has no future. This is the very definition of infinite boredom.

But the God revealed in Jesus, is the God for whom all things are possible; the God who wraps Himself in human flesh with all its frailties, uncertainties, surprises, joys and sufferings. This God feels. He is moved by His relationship with us. He even enters our hell with us. But then surprises us with the unexpected – the resurrection. This is the God who truly has a future, meaning that possibilities are real for Him. All things are not certain.

Again this depends greatly on our understanding of time. If the future does not exist yet, but only possible versions of it, then God’s omniscience and omnipresence takes on a whole new meaning. It means He is present in and knows all that exists, but the future is filled with possibilities that although God may anticipate them, they are still truly new and fresh even to God. This God truly has a future. This God is alive, experiencing the joys of new ideas and new events … and He does that through you!

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  1. Patricia Pollock on

    Thankyou Andre,
    I often think of Jacob when he was at the end of his life and his sons had taken Benjamin down into Egypt to buy grain. Jacob was so fearful and thought the end was nigh and all was lost. In actual fact it was far from that not only did Benjamin come back but also Joseph was alive as well!
    Now that was a possibility that Jacob had not thought of! And not only alive but 2nd in charge of all of Egypt.
    I like what you say – it comforts my heart.

  2. Sellappan on

    It’s a catchy title, Yes, if God knows everything – no surprises, no new possibilities – then his life would be most boring indeed! But thank God there is no such god.
    “God doesn’t change” is often interpreted that way. But it is his essence that doesn’t change , not his newness or experiences.
    Thanks Andre for giving us deeper insight into the nature of God.

  3. Willam on

    I’m struck by the notion that God knows all possibilities, but no exact outcomes. However, since He operates in kairos time vs. chronos time, He doesn’t need to know exactly what will happen in chronos time.In kairos time, He can alter events that occur in chronos time. Healing is the example that comes to mind. Our bodies have healing abilities that work in chromosome time. Break your arm and it will eventually heal over time. But God can, in a kairos time, completely heal your arm in moment. Possibilities without knowing exact outcomes. Thank for this beautiful reminder Andre.


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