There’s a lot of talk these days about extra dimensions. A scientific theory that has received much attention lately is called ‘string theory’ and suggest that there are many more dimensions than what we currently observe. If you are interested in that type of thing, I found this web-site very interesting: ‘Elegant Universe‘.

When mankind discovered the atom, many thought that it was the smallest particle that matter consists of, but pretty soon we understood that an atom consists of protons, neutrons and electrons. But what are they made of? Further investigation unveiled quarks! But what are they made of? A central concept to string theory is that the smallest components of matter are small bits of energy vibrating like the strings on a violin. These vibrations form a cosmic symphony which is at the heart of all reality. In the same way as a violin can produce many variation of musical notes, these strings, vibrating at different frequencies, form all the fundamental particles of the reality we observe. Our universe is the beautiful symphony produced by the resonance of all these vibrating strings.
I can’t but see the significance of Heb 1:3 speaking of Christ ” … upholding and sustaining and propelling the universe by His mighty word of power.” At the core of all reality is the sound – the sound of God’s voice that spoke creation into being – the Voice that never grows dim, but continues to sustain all existence.

As mentioned before, string theory also suggest the existence of additional dimensions. There is indeed another dimension referred to in the scriptures – whether it has anything to do with string theory or not, I don’t know yet. However, the scriptures reveal a dimension that existed before time & space; before creation; before the existence of evil …. In this eternal realm, the purpose, the course, the duration and final destination of time and space was planned in meticulous detail before it even began. What happened in this dimension is of direct consequence to your existence!

Paul wrote about this dimension or realm in a letter to the Ephesians: “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ Who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realm! He chose us ,identified and named us as His own in Christ before the foundation of the world, that we should be set apart for Him and blameless in His sight, even above reproach, before Him in love. For He destined us to be revealed as His own children through Jesus Christ, in accordance with the purpose of His will.”

Before our milky way was formed, before our sun ignited, before Jupiter or Mars began their orbit, before the earth was able to support life … you were planned and named for a very specific purpose. You predate the dinosaurs! You began way before your conception. “Your eyes saw my unformed substance, and in Your book all the days of my life were written before ever they took shape, when as yet there was none of them.” (Ps. 139:16) It is this realm, this eternal dimension, that preserves the truth about you. In our temporal, time-bound realm there might be many events, circumstances and experiences that tries to contradict the truth about you … but they are as shadows compared to the unchangeable truth about you that has been decided before time began and will remain the only truth after time has come to an end. What is this truth about me, you might ask? You were made to be loved; You are blameless in His sight; You were chosen, identified and named in Christ before creation, as such you are more than a physical creation – you belong to that eternal realm; you belong in Christ. You are an offspring, not of creation, but of the Eternal One.

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  1. Sue on

    Thank you so much Andre. This post just went straight to my heart. I was feeling depressed this morning, and thanks to your post I’m re-remembering the wonder of it all, of reality, regardless of my circumstances. Thank you!

    (I linked to you today).

  2. Andre Rabe on

    Thanks Sue. I love what you said about re-remembering. There is so much encouragement contained in ‘remembering’. “All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the LORD, and all the families of the nations will bow down before him” Ps 22:27
    (Linked back)

  3. Jean on

    Andre I love the way you take us ‘up, up and away’ – far above the nitty gritty – into a dimension where we experience freedom from material issues… that we soar with Christ in that realm of eternal life, light and love that we were created to enjoy and to experience.

  4. Cobus Kriel on

    Hi Andre,
    I was once again delighted to receive your unexpected mail this morning…reading about how blessed we are in a cosmos which is tuned so fine, yet we can enjoy every bit of life in Christ…….I am trying to make contact with you and Mary-Ann.

  5. Jennifer F. on

    What a fantastic post.

    It’s funny, I was just reading the Elegant Universe and come to a very similar conclusion which I wrote about here (though I’m afraid my post was not as eloquent as yours).

    Thank you for writing this.

  6. Matthys on

    I watched the entire ‘elegant universe’ series. wow it blew my mind. according to the mathematical calculations there are 11 dimensions (perhaps more). If I understand it corretly we perceive 4 dimensions: our three dimensional space and time.
    Now Paul wrote about concepts such as the 7th heaven which implies there must be a 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc etc…

    Could our four dimesional experience plus 7 heavens be the 11 the string theory predicts?

    Time, or the absence of it, will tell.

  7. Wesley Miller on

    “Perfect Harmony”
    . . . . as experienced by Wes Miller

    “To me, a lot of our corporate acts of religious expression seem much like the chaotic dissonance produced by a symphony orchestra just prior to a performance.

    It sounds as though the direction, discipline, and interpretation of it’s Maestro has been completely ignored; each member playing a different score and tempo on untuned instruments.

    Scripture has been translated into many languages, but it’s meaning and intelligence remains with the interpretation of God, our Composer and Maestro.

    Literacy is not prerequisite to the personal revelation of, or communion with, our Composer, i.e., our Creator.

    The reading or hearing of scripture and it’s exposition, without personally asking our Creator to reveal the meaning and intelligence of His language, is simply an exercise fraught with the limitations of our own understanding and experiences, hence, our discord, misunderstanding, and barrenness.

    The Spirit of Truth that is within us, is the magnet that draws us to the completeness of God’s exegesis.

    The existence and revelation of this permanent and unchangeable Gift of Truth is not determined, altered, or impaired by doctrine, theory, or belief.

    As we are guided into the perfection of All Truth, we discover that Truth does not have to be believed to make it valid. It needs no defense, argument, or proof.

    When we give birth to God’s Light, the dark and incomplete distortion of error cannot exist.

    We have not genuinely been freed from our disbelief until we are, by God, so convinced of Truth’s reality, that we no longer are compelled to prove it.

    God summons us in our own language but instructs and conducts us in His.

    Many are called, but few have chosen to seek and yield to His understanding. Unfortunately, we prefer our own.

    Most of our theologies, whether borrowed or experienced, have been received from and taught by man.

    They are mirror images of our “Selfology of Inferiority” (i.e. Doctrine that causes us to see ourselves dimly in the darkness that surrounds us, instead of by the Radiant Light that is eager to shine forth from within us.) and, as such, can suffer some necessary tuning now and then.

    With His baton in hand, our Lord is ready to set the key and replace the old perceptions with a new encounter, if we are willing to release Him from the well guarded confines of our own understanding and interpretation.

    A renewed mind, filled with His compassion, will transform our attitude, behavior, and purpose while synchronizing us all to the standard of pitch necessary for a flawless performance.”

  8. Wesley Miller on

    Matthew 6:9

    “Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed be THY FAMILY TREE.”

    ( “hallowed” i.e. created holy and sacred )

    Selah . . . .



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