Mimetic Theology

A one year program drawing from cutting edge research in psychology, anthropology, philosophy and theology, consisting of six courses.
  • Exploring the unconscious movements that form our sense of ‘self’.
  • Critically exploring the scriptures and the contexts in which they were written. Consequently, how they relate to other myths.
  • Exposing the structure of evil and the development of its symbolism. Moving beyond mythical and abstract descriptions of evil.
  • How God subverts our concepts of God.
  • What makes Jesus Christ uniquely significant in history, relevant in our present world and a living hope for the future of humanity.
  • Atonement takes on a whole new meaning when sin, evil, God and the nature of man have been re-evaluated in the context of Mimesis.
Learn more about each course below or find out more about the program here.

34 Responses to “Mimesis Academy”

  1. Rebecca Ford Gonzalez on

    I was privileged to meet Andre and Mary-Anne in Lancaster PA last year when I attended a meeting along with Deborah Givens. I am interested in your 25 week course that is offered. You have shown the gospel in a new light and broadend my perspective on our Creators love for us. I enjoy following you guys on youtube and am so thankful to Abba that you have been brought into my life. I pray for your safe travels and annointing as you share the GOOD NEWS! Please send me more information on registering for your online coursed. God Bless & Thank you – Rebecca

    • sandy rome on

      Hi Reb ecca,

      I’m hooked on the message of Christ in me and would like to find out if there is anyone in the Lancaster area following the ministry of Andre Rabe and Mary Ann. My wife and I will be moving to Elizabethtown, Pa which is only about 18 miles from Lancaster. I would appreciate it greatly if you would tell me where Andre held his meetings in that area where you attended or anywhere else in that area for that matter.



  2. Patricia Pollock on

    Andre my sister and I are both interested in doing this course. Only God knows how the pair of you have blessed us with your ministry. Thank you so much

  3. Ken Green on

    Yes, yes, yes…I want to sign up for the online course…and anything else you are doing.
    I love the heart of Papa God that is so evident in both Andre and Mary-Anne…that includes waves of His love and revelation that is very inspirational…I could go on and on 😉
    Attended the Richmond VA meeting in August, and met you both briefly…very uplifting in both word and song.
    Love you both

  4. Michael haggard on

    I am very much interested in this course, I own
    All your books. Only problem Isi do not have lot of money
    I am on disability. So I hope it don’t cost to much or maybe
    Have scholarship or something. Maybe work something out.
    God Bless
    Love ya

  5. andre rabe on

    We are doing some major additions to the course and expect to start the new class in July. I will notify you when registrations open.

  6. Patricia Pollock on

    Hi Andre and Mary-anne, I just logged in to see when this course might be starting hoping that I woud get some information, July sounds good, you know the message you guys bring is so good, it makes so much sense and as I draw away from the corrupted mixed messages I have been indoctrinated into I am amazed at what I used to believe. I would also like to pass on that anyone who has suffered depression or who has a loved one who has/is, Dr Bruce Wauchope Adelaide South Australia has a set of 12 lectures titled “Mental Health and the Gospel” which are excellent and compliment your message very well. They can be obtained at the web site “Trinity in You”. Love you both.

  7. Andre de Beer on

    I am very interested in this course. I would like to include some small groups in this conversation at my home. They are mostly youth aged between 12 and 20. Please let me know if that is ok and how it might work? I am very much enjoying Andre and Mary-Anne’s pod-casts too, and have found the teaching to be very freeing.

  8. Andrew Parsons on

    I am very interested in the year long course that you had talked about in one of you video updates. Thank you

  9. Mary. S. on

    I have read your book “Desire Found Me,” I want more!
    Please, if you have any info about the year long course you have mentioned in one of your videos, I am all ears and heart.
    Thank you.

  10. Ivana on

    Please tell me I can still sign up for the Ginomai Online Course!!

    I’ve tried several times coming back to this page, but have not been successful.

    I really, really want to be in on the July 2015 class.


  11. Donna.nitchun on

    I possibly am interested in taking this course. Could you send me a sample lesson/format and a date when it will begun? I’ve learned a lot from the Mirror Word Bible Schools. Thank you in advance for your response.

  12. Donna Nitchun on

    I am interested in taking the course. Do you have any curriculum I can share with friends who also might be interested. I am reading Desire Found me and the Mirror Bible.

  13. Jean Clink on

    Looking forward to hearing more about this. Am studying the videos and reading Desire Found Me right now.

  14. andre.rabe@gmail.com on

    Thanks for all the interest shown. Excited to announce http://Mimesis.Academy – a one year program drawing from cutting edge research in psychology, anthropology, philosophy and theology, consisting of six courses.

  15. Mike Temple on

    Hi Andre & Mary-Anne,

    Your new course looks great. It’s not something Nicky and I can afford at this time, but would love to know if you will be repeating the course in the future? Also, do you have any plans to come to eastern Canada or the east coast of the USA soon? Maybe to visit Bob & Susan? We would love to catch up if you do. Much love, Mike & Nicky xx


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