On a recent trip to Hungary we were given some very special, fresh spring water. It came from a spring called ‘Szentkirályi’ (translated: ‘Holy Kingly’). Apparently the water is filtered through volcanic rock for millions of years before it surfaces. Yet, although it is very old, it is also very fresh. It’s freshness is not determined by its age, but by the fact that it is unpolluted.Wars came and went, while this water quietly filtered through the rock. Despite the turmoil on the surface, the water remained undisturbed and unaffected. Once it bursts through the eye of the fountain, nothing compares to the purity and freshness of this water. Time did not make it old … its freshness was preserved within that rock, that mountain.

The life that burst into our world, when the Word became flesh, is that original, pure and unpolluted life that God had in mind for man all along. The events in this world did not pollute it … it remained preserved in the rock of its origin. Jesus displays God’s undisturbed, original thought of man … original yet fresh. He comes to us, not with a container of water that will simply quench our thirst for a period, but to introduce us again to the eye of the fountain, to discover the source of living waters within ourselves … to discover our true selves preserved within the rock of our origin.

1 John 2: 5-8 (a thought-to-thought translation)

5 Whoever treasures this word, not allowing any of it to escape his attention, will know the reality of God’s perfected love within himself and rest in the sure understanding that we are in Him.

6-8 You owe it to yourself to take this union life beyond mere confession. Let His abiding presence direct your every step; your whole being was made to reflect Him.
For you to display the same life that He displayed, was the unavoidable conclusion of this message from the very start. Perfect love was the original motivation and is the final conclusion to this message.
Brethren, what I’m describing is not a new message, but the original message, from the Author Himself. Yet it is fresh … my writing is a fresh expression of the truth revealed in Christ and confirmed in you. What has always been true in Him and in you becomes fresh as your appreciation is awakened, as the darkness of ignorance is replaced by the reality of what truth reveals.

There is no better message than the original. God never changed His mind about what He imagined in the very beginning – to unite Himself with you in uninterrupted enjoyment. Once we understand this authentic plan, we will no longer be “tossed here and there by waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine” (Eph 4:14)

This message is also the key to the release of creativity, to a fresh expression. Some think, that to be creative, to be fresh, we need to think up something completely new. No! You need to discover the original, unpolluted, undiluted logic of God, give it your entire attention … and while you treasure that word, it will inspire the most creative life. Once we discover the original, it inspires us to give authentic expression to it.

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  1. mary christian on

    thank you for such beauty in writing.

    i would like to talk to you more about expanded creativity. please look at my website to see what i am doing to facilitate interdenominational fellowship through the arts… and i’m also using this forum as a tool to heip people hear God for themselves.

    you are welcome to call me or email

    thank you and bliss you!
    -mary christian

  2. Beth El on

    Thank you for your message that is fresh and new yet ageless. Ephesians 1:17-20 What a great revelation Paul gave us to pray so we can know the truth and the truth will set us free. Ephesians 3:14-19 AMP another one that brings clarity and guidance to success in Him. Colossians 1:9-12 AMP Even a deeper understanding of the love, care and truth that Yeshua (Jesus) has for us. Thank you for all your sharing in a fresh yet same yesterday, today and forever.
    Beth El house of God 🙂

  3. Andre Rabe on

    Such a joy to connect, Mary and Beth.
    Discovering the source, the eye of the fountain – the One in whom we have our origin and our present being – within ourselves … is absolute life!


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