God’s eternity is not simply timelessness, rather He fills time with eternity. Our time, which became corrupted, fragile and falling apart into a regrettable past, an unsubstantial present and a fearful future, was redeemed by Jesus Christ.

He brings us an understanding that transforms our seemingly unchangeable memories of pain and regret, into gratitude. Thus transforming our present – it is no longer the unbearable sum total of meaningless suffering, but the glorious conclusion of joy as the hidden value and meaning of life is revealed. Similarly our future is no longer bound to a fallen past; it is no longer doomed to be a continuation of the guilt and shame of the past. He liberates our future. In Him our future is unrestrained by a fallen past … it is no longer doomed to repeat it. Our future is now in the hands of Him who makes all things new.

He fills our time with His eternity and so heals it. Redeemed time is no longer fractured into a regrettable past, a fearfully uncertain future, resulting in a tormented present.

In Him every moment fills with value; empty confusion makes way for rich insight. My present is connected to the history of my salvation and drawn forward by a playfully exciting future.

God has deprived evil of its claim upon your life … not only its claim on your present moment, not only its claim on your future, but He has even deprived evil of its claim on your past!

6 Responses to “Redeemed Time”

  1. Innocent Paul Gwengwe on

    thanx for sharing the hidden revelation of Christ in us and the forbidden gospel of Grace,please help me join with my malawian counterparts for fellowship and how i can have access to warren ,frank stigal and many christlife books

  2. Ruth Neil on

    I heard these words when waking one morning “write your ever present past in to your ever present future.” Do you have any thoughts on this? I enjoyed reading your article. Thankyou Andre.

  3. Heather Wright on

    Yes, I have known the repeated experience of waking to a rush of regrets and fears, with that sinking feeling as I struggle to face the day……until I remember that right now, this very moment, “..as far as the east is from the west, that’s how far He has removed our transgressions from us”. And I am reminded that even the consequences of my past sin are now in God’s hands, now being used as instruments for good in His plans. I realise afresh that all things are made new, including situations I had mishandled. All these now have a positive, creative outlook in the hands of the One who loves us all, and who lives for the good of us all. Thank you Andre!


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