Topic: Stories of Transformation

The Incarnation of Desire An Artist's Reflection on Mimetic Desire by Bobby Kendall

Desire is the thing that both leads and eludes us. As reflective beings, desire is the force that flows between our intricate web of relationships, capable of binding or dividing us. Largely beyond our awareness, we are compelled by the desire of others. When we receive inspiration, it is always from this collective other. We begin to… The Incarnation of Desire An Artist’s Reflection on Mimetic Desire by Bobby Kendall“>read more »

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Desire and I

Yesterday I walked past a tennis court where a family was trying to have fun. Only one problem – there was a two-and-a-half year old who could not understand why he had to make turns hitting the ball with his older brother. He insisted that every ball should be personally delivered to him. The eventual… read more »

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